Do SAT And ACT Scores Matter Analysis

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In the year of 1926, the College Board established exams to examine students' knowledge and understanding of their educational journey from K-12 and to know how students can tackle the difficult problems that they might face in their career. These tests were named as SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), and ACT, (American College Testing) is widely popular among educators and institutes. In 2014, many articles like the "HuffPost", "US Today" and more claimed that the ACT and SAT are not an effective way to judge a student's potential. Unfortunately, I have to agree with their claim. In the 21st Century, students do hard work for a better future yet they are being judged about their real talent by these scores from some examinations.

Some students
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But, as per the research article from PBS, "Do SAT and ACT scores matter?" states that "The evidence of the study clearly shows that high school GPA matters. Four-year, long-term evidence of self-discipline, intellectual curiosity, and hard work; that's what matters the most. After that, I would say evidence that someone has interests that they have brought to a higher level, from a soccer goalie to a debater to a servant in a community to a linguist. We need to see evidence that the student can bring something to a high level of skill.” Most Colleges look for GPA compared to SAT or ACT scores. Even if SAT and ACT scores to matter more than GPA it would be more applicable to GPA scores lower than 3.0 to help the student in getting admission into …show more content…
I would never say the SATs and ACTs have no predictive value for anybody; they have predictive value for some people. We just don't find them reliable cross populations." Some educators and college administrators might argue that students shouldn't be stressed while taking these exams as they are a learnable test. You can prepare beforehand. I agree with the point that as a student when I take my SAT or ACT, I do have the opportunity to get extra help for tutors. But thinking in a wider perspective, some students in Public School don't have the resource or luxury to pay for tuition and another way to score well. Due to this drawback, many kids tend to lose their dream of becoming someone in the