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Best ZiwiPeak Beef Dog Food in 2018 For Your Dog

In this article, I am going to review one of the best ZiwiPeak beef dog foods in 2018. So, if you are looking for a reliable beef based dog food for your pet dog, then you should read this article till the end. I am going to discuss the features, pros, and cons of this dog food and lastly, I ‘ll disclose my opinion whether this dog food is worthy of investing.
Is ZiwiPeak a Reliable Brand?
ZiwiPeak is a famous dog food brand from New Zealand. They are renowned throughout the world for their unique “Air-dried” dog foods. Their dog foods are richer in raw meats than dried kibbles. Normally with kibbles, during the cooking process, a percentage of the nutrients get lost. However, with ZiwiPeak’s
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Ensuring superior nutrition:
The main motto of ZiwiPeak is to provide the best quality air-dried dog food to their customers that ensure superior balanced nutrition than other food brands in the market. They brought a new twist to preserving raw meat naturally without sacrificing the nutritional value. Their twin stage air drying process removes all the harmful pathogenic bacteria from the meat. It also removes listeria and salmonella while keeping the nutritional value of the meat intact. As there is no filler or artificial preservatives in this dry dog food, it is 95% digestible and has more than 97% pure meat content in it.
Fresh Grass-Fed Meat and Seafood:
ZiwiPeak collects their meat and seafood from all the local ethical farms of New Zealand. All these farms produce 100% natural grass-fed meat and fresh seafood which abides by the quality standards of New Zealand. ZiwiPeak always ensures that your dog will get the finest protein from the best sources in New Zealand.
No Fillers or Artificial
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Three of them are selenium yeast, inulin and lastly, chelated minerals. Inulin is a natural source of high-quality digestible fiber. Chelated minerals make this food easier to absorb by the dogs. Selenium yeast works as a safe anti-cancer substitute.

What I Love About ZiwiPeak Dry Dog Food:
• I love the fact that, ZiwiPeak collects all their raw meats and seafood from trusted local farms only. It makes them much more reliable than other dog foods on the market. Also, ZiwiPeak ensures that the beef is grass-fed which has countless more nutritional benefits than regular quality beef.
• The air-drying process is accomplished with a gentle twin stage air dryer. The process is natural and completely eliminates all pathogenic bacteria from the meat.
• Lastly, what makes this one of the best beef dry dog foods is they don’t use any artificial preservatives or fillers in their products.
Things I don’t like:
• I think this air-dried dog food is too expensive for an average earning dog owner. However, according to many of the customer reviews, you get what you pay for.

My Final