Dog Food Research Paper

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For most people giving their dog the correct food can cause a problem, especially if you have a fussy dog who turns its nose up at everything you offer! So how do you know what is the best type of dog food for your pet?

The first cause of action would be to seek advice from a vet as they will be able to tell you invaluable information regarding the amount of food you should be giving your dog depending on its age, general health and breed. There is no one simple answer as to which is best, as each dog will have its own likes and dislikes as well as the type of nutritional intake required to keep it fit and healthy.

The choice of food for your dog may also depend on your own lifestyle as there are so many different types of foods available for some people convenience is high on their agenda. Tinned dog food is probably the cheapest option however unless the dog eats the entire
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However, whilst the manufacturers of dry dog food claim that it is the best way to keep your dog healthy there are those who believe that dry food can do more harm than good, especially if the dog is given insufficient water.

Some older dogs may not be able to digest dry foods, whilst those who have trouble with their teeth or have lost teeth due to old age, may find this type of food difficult to eat it much the same way as a human without teeth would find it difficult to chew their food!

Dogs require a good quality diet which is flexible and contains the necessary ingredients to maintain its health. Giving dogs raw food may also be an option, however there is always the risk of exposure to diseases such as salmonella to both the pet and the humans within the household. For convenience most people opt for pre-prepared dog food and finding one which is enjoyed by the pet can be a matter of trial and