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Case 1-1 Google

1. How does the changing environment for business affect Google ability to communicate in this situation?

a. The main environment problem I feel is that they are going to a country in which there is already search engine that many in China use. So they will have a tough competition right when they get there. Also the control that the government has on its people is a little different than here in the U.S; we can search what ever we want, but the people of China can not and will be shown others pictures instead of what they are looking for. They will have to really think about what they created the company for and make sure they do not become a money making machine without a heart.

2. Where is the company most vulnerable from a communication standpoint?

a. They seem to have a weakness when is the most important for them to speak up for themselves. Especially when they where asked to meet about their status with their company and what they where doing in China they did not show up to the meeting. Also they might go against their slogan “Don’t be Evil” which will be hard for them to explain to the many users why they went against it.

3. What is the main problem for the Google Company that they have to deal with?

a. I think the main problem that Google has to deal with is their initial slogan “Don’t be Evil” that they will ruin, if they where to become more corporate and not true to themselves and their goal. If they where to go and invest into the Chinese market with all the censorship the government puts on their