Dorothy: A Short Story

Words: 1854
Pages: 8

When the sun rose, with hands tied behind him, they bundled Shogun into the back of a truck. In silence, I’m sure he listened to the surrounding voices. They had no idea he spoke Arabic fluently. His training caused him to take note of the slightest clue about where they were taking him.
Sensing for the warmth of the sun and on which side of his body, it was, he would know his direction of travel. It would all have been valuable Intel for when he made a break.
They traveled for several hours, going over mountainous trails. Soon the truck slowed down. He had arrived in an ISIS training compound. They manhandled him out of the truck and removed his shoes and socks, making it difficult to walk.
A commander who spoke English told him his group
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The water with chilled moisture dripping from the glass he calculated would torment Shogun who was thirsty.”
“New York City. Sir.”
“He was from Cleveland.”
“Are you married?”
“Yes, Sir, her name is Dorothy,” he hoped he was convincing.
“Getting married was the furthest thought from his mind. The Dorothy he mentioned works at the U.S.O., on base at Bragg.”
“Would you care for a drink of cold water, Nakamura? When you give us the truth, I will offer you kindness and rewards. If you lie, I’m going to hurt you in ways you can’t imagine.”
“He would have loved the water, but Shogun’s training taught him not to let this guy in his head.”
“No thank you, Sir. I'm not thirsty.”
“The Commander tossed him an angry, suspicious look.”
“All right Nakamura, let’s deal with the other more important issues at hand. What is your unit and where is your base?”
“The interrogator knew exactly where the base was, they had sent us the videotape.”
“With regret Sir, I cannot answer those questions.”
“Shogun knew his reply would bring with it consequences. The words were no sooner out of his mouth when a club struck him on the side of the face. Despite an already broken jaw, he took the