Dr. Gayle HIV/AIDS Epidemic

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Module 1 Case Study The HIV/AIDS epidemic was something that the world was not ready for. Many had misperceptions of who the HIV/AIDS epidemic affected. It was once believed that HIV/Aids only affected gay white men. Dr. Gayle became a world leader through CDC in the prevention of HIV, STD and TB. She overcame factors and became an extremely influential leader.
Political, Social and Economic Forces There were many difficult barriers to overcome in the HIV/Aids epidemic prevention program. Dr. Gayle overcame each boundary with grace and diligence. Dr. Gayle worked hard to achieve goals through her outstanding inter-personal skills. Dr. Gayle faced political challenges as a servant of the public. Dr. Gayle worked in a political environment
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Gayle utilized her excellent personnel skills to her advantage. Dr. Gayle earned astonishing credibility within her branch. Because Dr. Gayle was so well liked, others effortlessly supported her. Dr. Gayle created partnerships with various influential agencies of different branches. Dr. Gayle sought out partnerships with both public and private sectors. Dr. Gayle created the HIV Prevention Strategic Plan that utilized the collaboration of government agencies, educational entities, health departments of both state and local levels, as well as community organizations. Dr. Gayle used all of these key players for external …show more content…
Gayle demonstrated the importance of making sure that various agencies and organization were part of the equation. Dr. Gayle built relationships and dealt with issues that were made for her to falter. Regardless of her challenges, Dr. Gayle brought these different agencies and organizations together. This program would not have succeeded if it were not for the coming together of the agencies and Dr. Gayle’s dedication to have everyone work as one. Collaboration was one of the key components to Dr. Gayle’s success. “One of the best reasons why Dr. Gayle has been so successful at collaboration- building bridges and fostering communications between the federal government, various communities, and global partners- is her skillful interpersonal relations” (Ruccucci, pg. 16,