Dr. Gregory House Essay

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The Client: Dr. Gregory House is the main character in the House television series. He is currently working as the Head of Diagnostic Medicine with a double specialty in infectious disease and nephrology at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. He is portrayed as narcissistic, sarcastic, and appears to dislike most people. He prefers superficial relationships with others, sometimes using prostitutes to satisfy his sexual needs.
Descriptive Information: Gregory is a 52 year old Caucasian male. He prefers to be called House, as he views being called Greg as too personal. Dr. House has a permanent disability in his leg. Dead muscle tissue had to be removed and left a divot in the skin. He is also very sensitive about the appearance of
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Treatment Goals: House’s primary issue is addiction, and a lack of having a recovery plan. He has been trying to deal with this on his own terms, and has had relapses. His untreated condition contributes to his anti-social personality, interferes with his relationships, and causes issues at work. I feel his other presenting problems can never be fully addressed until he can gain control over his addictive behaviors. Until he comes to terms with his addiction, he will remain isolated and continue to be self-destructive. Dr. House needs to address his difficulty with any type of relationship. It is apparent at times that he does have the capacity and this facet of him is not part of a personality disorder. He displays a need for people despite his not wanting to. He shows jealousy when Lisa dates others and does has a close friendship with Dr. James Wilson from the hospital. Dr. Wilson provides House with consultation about cases, and often personal issues. James is one of the few who can away with calling House out on behaviors. They sometimes have real moments on a deeper level, and at times they can let go and share laughs. House has displayed many instances of problematic impulse-control. He has experimented with Methadone, self-induced insulin shock, and tried deep brain stimulation with an electrical prod. The electrical current caused him