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Censorship in Music Many people probably think that only music, in recent years, has been censored. In fact, music has been censored since the beginning of the twentieth century. Censorship in music was meant to block lyrics that were offensive to anyone, or lyrics the government didn’t approve of. Still today, they use censorship in music because people have the right to not be offended, but people also have a right to freedom of speech. Censoring music is a bad thing because it goes the first amendment, it keeps people from expressing themselves freely, and the more you keep things from people, the more curious they get. In fact, the first amendment states that the people in America have the freedom of expression, this includes: speech, assembly, press, and petition. Censorship in music happens to infringe on our freedom of speech and expression. How are people supposed to express their freedom of speech if they are going to be censored? They are being deprived of their right because their words are either being blocked or changed. If people are offended by words, then that just shows how weak they are and they should get used to it. People will always say things that will offend a hand full of people, that’s just how the world is. Everyone, in America, has the freedom speech and their words should not be censored no matter how bad the words are. Artists like to express their thoughts and feelings through music. Yes, they may use vulgar to do it, but that is their decision. If you believe it is inappropriate for a certain age group, then that is your job to keep them from hearing such things. Everyone else should not have to suffer

because you think a certain way. Many artists help other people through hard times and situations, with their music. If they are not allowed to be creative and express their thoughts freely, how will people get through those times? Artist also use music to makes