Drama: Performance and Elliot our Teacher Essay

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Firstly, the class was divided into groups of 9-10 people; my group consist of Ellie, Josh, Rahim, Shusan, Holly, Cerri , Elliot Our teacher asked us to create a sequence showing a day in the life of your own chosen character. Exploring clump, scribe, mime negative space and other forms and mediums of drama. Our first screen was our character (Elliot) as he prepared for work however we decided the scene needed an extra dimension, which is why we introduced the mime sequence which was performed by both Josh and Elliot. This was very effective because it allowed us to inform the audience that this process is performed by everyone every day. The scene was set by sound collages and physical theatre of object that tend to be in people’s houses. Secondly, we made it clear to the audience of the chaos that occurs during the ‘rush hour’ in the morning, by using clump. This was effective to the audience because it was a more exciting intake of explain the struggles of get to work in the morning. However the key events of the improvisation take place in the work place. The scene is started by Elliot arriving late to work because he got caught in the door, which was an aspect of physical theatre portrayed by Ellie, Shusan and Holly. Elliot walks into am mime sequences being performed by every employee with Rahim (who is also the boss) leading. We used proxemics (a raised platform at the centre of the stage) to emphasize the status of Rahim’s charter to the audience as he was of a higher character status than the other characters.
Furthermore, Elliot used body gestures and facial expressions to make clear to the viewers of his confusion. I believe that his emotions could have been portrayed further by the use of a conscious alley. We wanted to portray the animal like characteristics of the work place we did this by forming a negative space circle of blank emotions using different levels. This represented the way other employees feed of each other emotions proxemically, this was evidence that the other employees were in a position. Also the additions of short snappy phrases e.g. “what are you doing to me” this allowed the audience to empathise with Elliot’s characters. I believe this scene was very effective, successful and work to the favour of our group. Mainly because during the feedback process the audience informed the cast member that this scene allowed them to understand further the status and personalities of each of the characters.
Moreover, Rahim uses his status to his advantage over Elliot when he embarrassed him for being late. Our group wanted make it clear to the audience impact of Elliot’s anger and the battle he had with himself to keep hidden these emotions be pushed around any longer. However, we also wanted to communicate that the character did not have