Essay on Dreams: Carl Jung and Dreams

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Comprehending Dreams
People have an extremely difficult time trying to comprehend the meaning of dreams. Fortunately, there are expert psychologists who specialize in understanding dreams. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are the two main psychologists who have theories about dreams. Freud came to the conclusion that dreams can be interpreted as advice for one’s self. Jung believed that dreams are a way for the brain to familiarize with the unconscious.
According to Jung, every dream has a positive message and everything can be viewed as paired opposites. This is referred to as “major archetype characters.” The Persona, being the first one, is the representation you provide to the world while conscious. In your unconscious, the persona appears as the Self; “The Self may or may not resemble you physically or may or may not behave as you would.” The second being, the Shadow. The Shadow, “ the part of yourself that you do not want the world to see because it is ugly or unappealing.” The Shadow represents negative emotions such as fear, anger or weakness. It can come in the form of a murderer or stalker. The message would to address the things the things in your life that you do not want to face. Granted, Freud did believe that, “Dreams often meant the opposite of what they seem to mean.” but Freud believed that this was because our wants or needs are displayed through others.
The third is The Anima or Animus. These figures represent your female and male behaviors. The Anima is feminine while the Animus is masculine.The message would be that,
“They serve as a reminder that you must learn to acknowledge or express your masculine or feminine side.” The Divine Child is yourself in the rawest and organic form. It comes in the form of an infant or young child. The Divine Child, “..symbolizes your innocence, your sense of vulnerability and your represents your aspirations and full potential.” The person who aides you in your dreams is the Wise Old Man or Woman.…