Dress Code Persuasive Speech

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The bell rings everyone is sitting down in your class in assigned seats but two girls in your class. They are best friends and you know they are together just late getting ready still. Thirty minutes into class they walk in and Abby in short shorts and a t-shirt and Becca is in jeans and a tank top. Becca got in trouble for distracting boys with her shirt. Her tank top wasn't showing anything it was so tight to her collarbone almost as if she was a nun. What is worse butt cheeks hanging out or shoulders showing? I know it's silly but think about it the school board should be more strict on School dress code policy and we would have less suspensions, or Wednesday schools, or disciplinary record because students take advantage and think they aren't enforcing the breaking the rules so now I can break more rules and it leaves them in bigger trouble. Our country historically has grappled over students First Amendment rights to freedom of expression. Some would say it would be best to enforce a full uniform policy. However I believe …show more content…
“He also proved that you can save money by buying uniforms” (credit donkey.com). not all kids dress inappropriately only some do it's not like you were sending 200 kids home to change what kid really wants to wear the same thing everyday over and over is why we should not have uniforms. Uniforms is not appropriate cuz you can send the kids home to change and not have to punish everyone in the school with school uniforms. School uniforms is not good because we should be able to express ourself because we don't want to be at school anyway so at least make something good about school. But a dress code should be applied and our graduation rates and going places in line would be way higher. We would have a lot less boys who were distracted working at McDonald's at age