Drug Abuse Research Paper

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Daphanie Confer
ENG 102
Mrs. Hernandez
2, November 2013
Growing up in Tennessee drug abuse was not foreign at all to the community eye. Growing up personally witnessing a friend of mine 18 years old name, Detrick Knowles who was a typical sports dedicated, honors high school student who had just come to face with smoking marijuana his senior year, no one ever knew this innocent boy was starting to smoke because he never showed any visual signs of doing, he graduated high school and begin going to college to become a dental hygienist. He then began to start on the stronger drugs as in Xanax and many different varieties of strong pain meds his freshman year in college. That is when he caught many eyes and began to notice a change in his physical and mental behavior. He was withdrawn many times during the day and slept his days away. Detrick then went into a drug rehabilitation to recover and detox for eight months. He was clean for four months and everyone really believed he was clean but little did one know that he was actually relapsing and began on heroin. On October 21, 2012 he was on his way home from college to visit family and he was found slumped over in his uncle pick up two blocks away from his parents’ house. He had a mistaken over dose on heroin. Drug abuses are sometimes seen as burden to today’s society. Actually in almost every country is faced with drug abuse. Lot is taken into consideration when it comes to drug abuse, and some changes are evident. “Cost on drugs itself is estimated to be more than trillions of dollars in United States alone compared to health care and crime related “quoted by NIDA Director of the Nation Instituted of Drug Abuse. But somehow these issues will never disappear and probably never will disappear. A,mericans value many things some being Drug abuse has become a serious issue in today society; it comes in variety of psychological and sometimes physical due to the excessive amount of chemical substances that is been took in all at once which cause the brain to over work. This that contributes to it is environment, passing downing from family member, mental and withdrawals and even physical addiction. There are many down falls that can be the cause of one drug addiction, there are also many ways to set the individual on their way to recovery. Some include medical treatments of narcotics and therapy of some sort. Drug abuse is a problem that many face every day either they are the drug abuser and/or witness someone that have face drug abuse addiction. The problem is not foreign to today’s culture. Drug abuse is described as a misuse of prescribed medications for non-medicated purposes as I n drug diversion, getting high, abuse of prescriptions drugs can cause easiness and reliance , and can cause withdrawal symptoms as in depression, delirium, suicidal ideation , seizures , and in most cases death.(Journal of child Abuse and Adolescents). This is interesting because it is seen as today top issue, drug’s effects high school eligibility to graduate and sometimes tear apart a happy home and also a reason for someone’s unemployment. The costs in drug abuse alone are become a staggering number. 14% of drug abused patients are admitted into the hospitals everyday with addiction disorders. Nearly 20 percent of those cases have a connection with drug related or alcohol addictions. Hospitals cost is nearly every $1 of $4 Medicare spends on patients with substance abuse. 70 percent of the state’s prison has used an illegal drug. And prisoners are more than a third drug abuse cases alone. More than 80 percent of the increasing numbers are prisoners since 1995, stated by the Nation Instituted of Drug Abuse. Abuse alone seems more of an economic burden in the United States rather than any other country because of the easy access to many substances in the community.
Most risk factors come in many different ways but the most recent way seen is heredity and genetics. Genetically