Essay Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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Illegal substances are plaguing today’s society with their false promises of a higher social status and having an enjoyable time. Today, drugs and alcohol are being abused by underage young adults, and for the most part, it is getting out of control. Recently, the home of former poet Robert Frost was broken into and vandalized by a group of underage adults. In the abandoned home, the individuals partook in underage alcohol consumption and drug abuse. This particular incident supports the fact that drug abuse is getting out of control in many young adults’ lives. In today’s society, these young adults are losing their virtue in life and getting reckless with their abuse of drug and alcohol, but there is also many groups of adolescents who are not plagued by such horrible activities.
In today’s society, many teenagers and underage adults are losing their morals. Young adults and adolescents are becoming careless with their ambitions and behaviors, and it is evident in their reckless behavior. They are resorting to vandalizing and engaging in underage drinking parties to fulfill their reckless behavioral habits. “Empty beer bottles and cans, plastic cups, and cellophane apparently used to hold marijuana were also found...”. This particular incident that occurred at the home of Robert Frost is proof that drug and alcohol use by underage members of society is out of control.This evidence that was discovered just shows the carelessness of the young adults that were discovered to have left these items on public property. This is proof of today’s adolescents and young adults becoming less virtuous with their behaviors, and it is getting out of control. I mostly agree that drug and alcohol use is out of control. Underage adults are getting more out of control as the years progress, and this is evident within the articles. They are doing anything to get into the thrill of the parties and illegal activities that they partake in, including vandalism of public property. “A former home of poet Robert Frost has been vandalized, with intruders destroying dozens of items and setting fire to furniture in what police say was an underage-drinking party.” If teenagers and underage adults are participating in such events, then the issue of underage drug and alcohol abuse is certainly getting out of control. If “as many as fifty people” showed up and vandalized this item of public property, then it only exemplifies the stereotype of teens abusing drugs and alcohol at a premature age. I also believe that in some sections of the younger parts of society, there are some teenagers and young adults who are not out of control with drug and alcohol usage. I do admit that there are some adolescents who have outrageous personalities and abuse drugs and alcohol at too young of an age. In my experiences at my school, there have been many random searches for weapons, drugs, alcohol, and any