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What I Know About the Drug Enforcement Administration The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) works to lessen and eliminate the use, transportation, and sale of drugs in the United States. They are the only government organized organization with the purpose of controlling drug traffic. The Drug Enforcement Administration seems to be most known for their role in stopping drug transportation across borders by use of DEA officers, police-trained dogs, and other tools. To my knowledge the DEA may have many other roles, possibly including the elimination of drug manufacturing throughout the world, tracking down and stopping major drug trafficking organizations within the United States border, US territories, and minor outlying islands. I …show more content…
In the 80s, heroin production doubled, and caused a major problem for the Drug Enforcement Administration. The early 1990’s brought a boom in heroin use and distribution do to the large quantity and lower costs. Despite this the DEA accomplished several drug busts, including the seizure of over 1000 pounds of heroin.
Throughout the 90s, many DEA operations took place, including Operation Man, where they tracked and brought down drug money laundering operations on the isle of Man, and Operation REDRUM. The purpose of Operation REDRUM (murder, backwards) was to investigate the connections between violence and drug trafficking. Operation Green Ice took place in 1992. The Drug Enforcement Administration set up their own bank operation with the goal of luring drug traffickers in to launder drug money. Operation Dinero in 1994 had a similar goal as Green Ice, however its goal was not only to target money laundering, but all financial operations of drug traffickers. Many other operations took place, and almost all were very successful.
During the mid 1990’s drug trafficking became a worldwide, well organized crime ring, forcing the drug Enforcement Administration to expand its efforts. Efforts and operations to bring drug traffickers to justice were expanded greatly, with even more Drug Enforcement Administration programs and operations. During the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta, Georgia over 200 men and women from the DEA were enlisted as