Duty of Care Essay

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1.1 Define Duty of care:

Level 2 (1.1) Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role (give an example of duty of care in your workplace for each example)

(Level 3)1.2 Explain how duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals:

My role of an nursing assistant (NA) regarding consent in theatres is to find the consent form from the patients folder/notes then the next step is to get the consent from ready for the swab nurse to start the signing in possess ( this is a list of checks that need to be done before and after the operation). The swab nurse will then read out loud from the consent form the patients name, age, T number and etc, while someone outs is checking this is right on the patients wrist band. Inside the form its says who has given consent which has to be two people which is usually the parent or guardian of the patients and The surgeon who is carrying out the operation. The consent form will also say what operation the patients is having and
It is our duty make sure the surgeon only carry out what it states on the consent form

Confidentiality and handing over information:
My role of an nursing assistant (NA) regarding Confidentiality and handing over information in theatres are not talk about anything to do patients outside of work
To make sure the theatre list is put in the confidential waste bin at the end of the day to be shredded
When in recovery to be mindful of not talking too loud about your patient details as there could be someone in the next bay could be listening.

Manual Handling:
My role of an nursing assistant (NA) regarding Manual Handling in theatres is to know the patient age, body size and weight which this will help with what type of action to take when transferring the patient from bed to theatre table. For e.g if the patient was tall and weight a lot their age then a pack pax slide would be used. My duty of care is when using pack slide is to make sure we have the right number of people when transferring the patient.

Privacy and Dignity:
My role of an nursing assistant (NA) regarding privacy and dignity in theatres it is my duty of care to make sure the patient is treated with respected and is treated how I would want to be treated. When in theatres is important you can keep the patients dignity just by passing a blanket over them.
I also have a duty of care When in recovery for example when recovery is busy if I’m dealing with a patient a good way of keeping their privacy and dignity is to draw the curtains around so no one outs can see that the patients on a fit or emergency situation. Just talking quietly and clearly when talking to the patient is a good way to keep dignity as the patient might be embarrass and they don’t want any people standing nearby to hear any personal information a good way given dignity is to put the children’s pyjamas back on them and try and make them feel at home.


My role of an nursing assistant is to do documentation in theatres as is a legal requirement which means documentation is mandatory and needs to be done by law for example there is an operation book in each theatre that needs to be filled out as my duty of care the operation book needs to be filled out each time there is a new patient and need to fill in the patients details for example their name, age, T number, who done you operation, who the anaesthetic is what time the operation started and finished and the swab count. The scrub nurse is the last person to look at the book so I need to make sure I have ripped all the details correct.
Another legal document which is mandatory and needs to be done by law and is my duty of care is the patient’s care plan this shows what the patient had done to them who carried out the operation what has been used if not filled out the then it can’t be proved that the patient has had what we say we’ve documented is also my duty of care when filling out…