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Observe Dye Seperation
By: Joseph Lundgren


Liquid chromatography was used to observe the differences in dye separation between two washable markers. We hypothesized that if two washable markers were subjected to chromatography, then the mixtures will appear to be the same. A simple liquid chromatography rejected our hypothesis. This method could be continued to contrast the brands of washable markers and decide which marker is the best buy.


Washable markers come in all brands and sizes, but just how different are the mixtures that make up these markers? The best way to observe these mixtures is through chromatography. Chromatography is a scientific technique of separating homogeneous mixtures. Their are two main components to chromatography: the mobile phase and the stationary phase. The mobile phase is the liquid the mixture travels through and the stationary phase is the other medium the mixture will enter (Buthelezi, 2008, p. 83.) If two different brands of washable markers are subject to chromatography, then we will find that the mixtures are very similar.


• 2 250mL Beaker
• 2 pieces of paper
• 2 washable black markers
• sharp instrument
• tap water
• 2 paper wicks


First equal parts water was poured into each beaker. Meanwhile, another team member drew a dot of black washable ink on each piece of paper. Then the sharp instrument was used to make a small hole in the center of both black dots. The holes were filled with the wicks and then placed in the water. While in the beaker, only the wick came into contact with the water. Fifteen minutes passed and the pieces of paper and wick were removed from the water. The paper was observed for the differences in dye separation.


Paper One: Washable Marker 1 Crayola

Paper 2: Washable Marker 2 Smiley


Since both markers were the same color, team members hypothesized that different brands of washable markers would hold the same mixtures. The hypothesis was not supported. The Crayola marker dispersed into a large pale circle with a navy blue ring. The Smiley marker held more visually appealing results. A mash of beautiful purples and reds looked like blossoming flowers on the paper. The unsupported