E-Commerce Essay

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Chapter 4 1. Name the six main pieces of the e-commerce site building puzzle. * Organizational Capabilities * Hardware Architecture * Software * Telecommunications * Site Design * Human Resources 2. Define the systems development life cycle and discuss the various step involved in creating an e-commerce site. * Methodology for understanding business objectives of a system and designing an appropriate solution 1. Systems analysis/planning 2. Systems design 3. Building the system 4. Testing 5. Implementation 3. Discuss the differences between a simple logical and simple physical Web site design. * Logical design: includes a data flow diagram that describes the flow of …show more content…
Why is it less risky to steal online? Explain some of the ways criminals deceive consumers and merchants. * It is less risky to steal online because the potential for anonymity cloaks many criminals in legitimate looking identities, allowing them to place fraudulent orders online * Steal information by intercepting e-mails, or simply shut down e-commerce sites with viruses. 2. Explain why an e-commerce site might not want to report being the target of cybercriminals. * Companies fear losing the trust of legitimate customers and it may be hard to quantify the losses incurred. 3. Give an example of security breaches as they relate to each of the six dimensions of e-commerce security. For instance, what would be a privacy incident? * Integrity – ex. Redirecting a bank wire transfer to a different account * Non-repudiation – ex. It’s easy for a customer to order merchandise online and then later deny doing so, i.e., no signature or contract so credit card issuer will side with customer * Authenticity – how can the customer be sure who they are dealing with, or the merchant for that matter ex. Stolen credit card numbers. * Confidentiality – ex. Hackers break into site and obtain credit card info * Privacy – above example privacy of site users violated (these two related) * Availability – denial of service attacks 4. How would you protect your firm against a Denial of service attack? * DoS attacks are accompanied by