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This paper is looking for basic explanations of what e-commerce is and using Amazon.com as an example. As the paper posted on eservglobal.com explains that there are four basic types of e-commerce, and commonly refers to Amazon.com as an example of all the business models. The business models discussed are the Business to Business models and the Business to Consumer model and finally the Consumer to Consumer model. While the Consumer to Business model is listed this paper will not be covering that aspect of e-commerce. The basis of e-commerce is the ability to conduct business online with the trade of goods or services often being paid for in advance without actually seeing the goods or services.

In this paper we will be discussing e-commerce by examining the services that Amazon.com provides through its website. We will also look at the different types of business models most often found in e-commerce. The first being Business to Business, which from now on will be referred to as B2B, and this being the most common type of model whereas businesses often trade services back and forth through the internet, and is most often found through bank companies. Another type of common business model found in e-commerce is the Business to Consumer, which from now on will be referred to as B2C, and this is found on most website like Amazon.com and other similar websites that offer goods and services to people and businesses alike. The last one we will discuss is Consumer to Consumer, which from now on will be referred to as C2C, and can most often be found on websites like Amazon.com and Craigslist.org where consumers offer other consumers goods and services. While there is another form business model known as Consumer to Business where consumers can offer goods and services to other businesses often this is known as sub-contracting where large businesses will hire smaller companies and individuals for goods or services. However we will not be discussing the Consumer to Business model as it can become far to detailed and complicated and could be a paper all on its own. In a B2B business model it where a company can offer another company goods or service. Often this is a contract service offering another company the ability to hire its employees in place of finding their own employees. This often allows companies to reduce costs through insurances and training. Also because all the contractors’ benefits are paid for through the contract company it helps to save the company a great deal of revenue. Another good example of the B2B business model is through online banking transactions often when companies pay for goods and services online. The amazing thing about online transactions is that they are instantaneous versus the days it used to take to receive payment and then the days it would take for banks to verify payment. The way that Amazon.com exemplifies this business model is through its latest endeavor which is to help other companies set up their own page to conduct business on using Amazon.com as a host site. Another type of