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Early 1

The most important investment we can make as educators is in our young, early learners. In an early education setting the curriculum and our approach affects the outcomes of our students. A good learning approach will help the students excel with language, cooperation, persistence, creativity and problem solving skills. The early years of development are the most important time for a child’s intelligence to bloom. There are two learning approaches I want to discuss, the first being Montessori which is program that gives students choices. The second approach is Pedagogical which is a program that allows students to work together.

The Montessori Approach to education helps a child develop skills that are already within them to help them master a creative learning process. This developmental approach helps students develop skills for life and school. It is important for children to have hands on experiences. In the Montessori Approach, children are given the option to chose, not forced to pick one thing. Children are motivated by their natural curiosity. This approach helps the students grow a desire to learn naturally. The natural desire to learn evokes confidence within the student and gives them a positive outlook on learning, school and life. The Montessori Approach is a great way to prepare children for the next step in their educational career.

Early 2

The Pedagogical Approach allows children to interact with each other while learning. This approach helps students become aware of teaching strategies and reasoning. The Pedagogical Approach group’s students in to small groups were they become familiar with other students ideas. Students come to realize their ideas are much like their