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Metacognative Essay Going into AP Literature and Composition, I thought I had an idea of what I was getting myself into. However it was nothing like AP Language and Composition, on the contrary, it was ten times harder. From all the essays needed to be written, to the confounding pieces of literature that we read and analyzed, to the daunting Socratic discussions-Incomplete fragment (Need to add: from the essays blah blah, there has to be something that comes after it. Cause/effect). One very important skill that I have learned during the class was time management. I used to procrastinate and not do half of the work that was assigned either because I had other work to do or because I didn’t have anytime to do it. There was a great difference in my academic work from first quarter to second quarter. I didn't try first quarter as much as I did this quarter. My mother told me that instead of giving up on school because it is my last year, I should do my best and get excellent grades so then I can say I finished high school strong. That's when I started raising expectations for myself and setting a goal for where I want to end up at the end of this year. Once we began to write the AP essays, I did all my that my last year teacher told us to do to acquire a well written AP essay. However, what I wrote did not meet the expectations for a good grade, so the second one that I wrote was not written well either. I began to quit and not do so well on the rest. What was the point, right? The point was that if I don't strive to do my best this last year, I will be no where near ready for college. Around the beginning of second quarter I had to write my personal essay. I knew exactly what I wanted to wrote about but I wasn't sure how I wanted to word it. Once I realized that fear was what kept me from accomplishing (writing?) great things, I decided to put that fear aside and work harder for what I desire. That's when I began to put effort in my assignments. Parallel to that, my grades began to rise. Even though they still weren't incredible grades, they still showed that the harder I try and the more effort I put into my work, the more superior my grades become. Nonetheless, I wasn't very proud of my Beloved paper. I knew what I wanted to assert in my writing, but my the time I was done with it, I noticed how repetitive and cipher it was. Expectantly, by the time it is time to take