Econ201 Macroeconomics Student Guide

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***Please print this out – you are responsible for having read this material***

Course: ECON201 Macroeconomics – Student Guide
Students are bound by all policies of Davenport University and should familiarize themselves with these through reading the catalog and student handbook as found on the Davenport Student Connection website.

Before you start this course, make sure that you have read all the documents under the Navigation links, especially the Weekly Materials and Course Calendar.

For some of you this will be your first experience in an online class. With that in mind, it is essential that you have access to and understand the communication tools needed to participate and turn in your assignments. If you haven’t already done so, please print out this document and do the following PRIOR to the start of class.

Understand Blackboard: Make sure you’ve gone through the Blackboard tutorial so you are COMPLETELY familiar with this environment. If you are not, please complete the tutorials Blackboard Video Tutorial

Understand Online Learning: Watch the online orientation for DU online courses.

Proper Software. Check your computer now to make sure you have WORD (not Works or WordPerfect), Excel, and Power Point. Understand how to save, copy, paste, send and receive files on your computer.

Understand how to utilize your Davenport email options, because we will not be using personal email accounts in this course.

Blackboard and other Technical Support is available at (800) 322-3984 or by emailing Please include “open call” in the subject line. Their hours are:

Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
12 Noon - 8:00 p.m.
Have a back-up plan in case your computer crashes or there is a power outage. I recommend printing out the Student Guide so you can still work off-line.

Back-up plan options:
Ask a friend or relative to borrow their computer
Go to a Davenport computer lab
Use the computer lab at a library
Rent a computer
No internet? Find a cyber café or establishment with a WiFi connection.
Don’t leave assignments to the last minute. Allow extra time to account for potential problems. If you choose to do assignments at the last minute, you must accept the consequences if you run into a problem.

If you feel you need tutoring in a subject:

Text/Technology statement: It is the responsibility of students to be prepared for class which means they should have all required course materials and texts at the start of class as well as reliable access to required technology tools and the internet for the duration of the course.

In extreme situations, where there is delay in the shipping or procurement of materials, faculty will make reasonable accommodations during the first week of class only. All students must have textbooks by Week 1 Day 7. No exceptions and no accommodations will be made by faculty after this date.

Due to copyright laws sections of the text, other than materials authorized by the publisher such as power points, problem solutions, etc., cannot be scanned and posted to the classroom or emailed by either the faculty or students.

DU does not accept individual technology issues or internet access as a reason for late work, so be sure to have a back- up plan in case of unexpected glitches, viruses or inaccessibility. Additionally, work must be submitted on time and as directed in the course instructions using Microsoft Office software version 2000 or higher. Work submitted in other formats that cannot be opened, such as Word Perfect, will not be accepted. Don't delay; get prepared today!

Instructor Policies

This course will use a number of learning methods from discussions with your classmates and current article reviews, to exploring for real life applications of the concepts we talk about each week. The