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Introduction: Education is the bridge between theories and reality
A country's prosperity requires not only hard-working people, but also high-tech development. However, people may have different values towards many aspects. Hence, each person’s attitude towards the business, families, or other social problems or events will be different. I think the modern education curriculum mainly focus on building the base for students that they are going to use in the future. Students will get in touch with the basic communicating rules between people and learn some theoretic procedures to handles the problems, even the problems are unrealistic. Most of us, the graduates, are lack of the experience which means we cannot convert what we have learned into practice. In my opinion, education is multi-aims. From our previous discussions, education can have the influence on the personal characteristics, people’s economic aims, and character education and so on. All in all, I think education plays the role of applying theories into our real life. It covers the job training and economic aims and the most important thing is that how education develops students. I would like to mention the autonomous education’s help from the aspect of personal characteristic and people’s logical ideas. More than that, it is important to demonstrate how people face the pressure of today’s environment crisis by the effect of the modern education system. This is a realistic problem during current period.
The purpose of education
First of all, I think I should point out that everyone has to survive in the society. When we back to the original intention of studying, we should come up a question: why do we study? Why do we have to go to school? Regardless of all times, these questions should be first showing up in students’ minds at the first day of school. Different people have different interests and each of us has a study direction. After several years, some friends become the scientists, some become teachers and some become the successful business persons. So, why do we learn? I believe the basic idea of the curriculum education is to educate people. However, can we live without eating? The answer to this question is obviously. Hence, I consider the ultimate goal of the curriculum education is money. Money is a good thing, we all need it and this should be connected with the economic aims. Bluntly saying, we need the curriculum education to develop our society and the determinant of social development is economic development. According to the model of “Maslow's hierarchy of needs (Learning-Theories, 2013)”, Maslow had divided people’s needs into five hierarchies. The separate area shows the different needs for people in different stages of development. The bottom area illustrates the psychological need which covers the air, food, water, sex etc. So, in this stage, working is the only cost for people to get food. In common, a well-educated people usually gets higher paid than an uneducated people. As people continue to participate in the curriculum education, they can get higher paid when they get their jobs. Follow the rule of this “needs pyramid”, we can clearly know that people’s desire will increase while the increasing in their money owned. Hence, I think what education has taught people are how they can use the knowledge to make money, to live.
Autonomous education helps apply theories into practice
To develop this topic further, we must discuss how we can apply theories into our real life. Students learn many things every day. For example, like me, I learn much economic knowledge every class; but usually, I do not understand them at all. I have no ideas how I can use these knowledge. At this moment, I have to introduce the importance the autonomous education. This becomes a key point to a person in the business career. Autonomous education is the necessary thing that students have to learn at school. In common, the interviewers should have the