Essay on Ecosystems: River and Mississippi River Delta

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Worlds Largest Natural

Location: LAT_ 29.1508480 N LONG_89.2508700 W
South Central Shoreline of US on north side of Gulf of Mexico

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Biotic Elements
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The Mississippi River Delta is home to a large host of living or biotic things. They are as diverse as the waters that converge to form the region. From animals such as alligators, wild pigs and beavers; to magnificent fowls such as Brown Pelicans and the Snow Goose. There are many reptiles as well:American Alligators,
Diamondback Terrapins, Several species of frogs and toads, Sea Snakes and Sea Turtles. Plant life is plentiful too. There are many Cypress Trees, Spider Lilies, Pine trees and Hardwoods. To close this section, I would like to introduce you to the Mississippi Black Bear as seen in this photo, they are also residents and part of the vast abundance of life found in the Great Mississippi River
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Abiotic Elements

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In this very same region, there are many Abiotic thing that contribute to this ecosystem as well. Starting with the three types of water found in this same area:
Saltwater, Freshwater and Brackish water which is a blend of the first two. Along with the water are the remains of fallen trees that are used by some animals as homes and even to build dams by the Beavers.
Sediment is also a major part of the Abiotic makeup of the region. It was the sediment being moved by the streams and rivers that formed the Delta region over thousands of years. Today it is controlled by engineers to maintain the flow of the rivers to prevent major changes as a “True Delta” is ever changing.
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The Human Affect

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The effects of humans on this ecosystem is probably equal in positives and negatives. First the positives are in the maintenance that is ongoing to ensure that the region is able to be conserved. There are many different groups who work for the restoration of this area, especial since one of the worst man-made catastrophes took place, leading us to one of the negatives. The BP oil spill caused lots of damage to a region that was already devastated by the battering of major hurricanes. The building of dams and levees is also a two-fold situation. They help to control the flows of of rivers and keep them from overrunning land that is used for agriculture and development. But even still it takes away by not allowing nature to run it’s natural course of development. Taking away the possibility of knowing what nature in her infinite wisdom would create.
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The Future Look...


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Due to both natural and man-made catastrophes,the
Delta is in serious trouble.
The wetlands that were once so plentiful are a dismal sight. Hurricanes, oil spills and other forms of pollution have depleted this natural habitat. This once fully flourishing area that is home to many animals, reptiles and foliage is on the brink of being no more. At the rate the the Delta is disappearing, it won’t be long before there is nothing left for those creatures to call home.

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