Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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In the short story by Allan Poe he uses structure to help show how the speaker is mad. He shows this by using capital lettered words, a lot of overused punctuation and rhetorical questions. An example of this is how the speaker keeps saying “am I mad?” in the first paragraph. This shows us that they’re mad because they are asking themselves if they’re mad or not. Another example of this is “how, then, am I mad?” and “-not destroyed- not dulled them.” These examples show how Allan Poe overuses the use of punctuation. He makes it so the speaker keeps stopping when speaking. This shows us they are mad because the punctuation can make it so the speaker is speaking aggressively at the audience. The punctuation makes them seem like they are speaking aggressively because the punctuation makes the words sharper and seem more aggressive.
Another way Allan Poe uses to show the speaker is mad is the language used. The language used can show that the speaker is mad because they say things to persuade them that they’re something they’re not. An example of this is “how healthily- how calmly” this shows that the speaker is trying to persuade themselves that they’re not mad. The speaker may also say this more calmly and disciplined to help themselves telling themselves that they’re ‘not mad’. Another example of language used is “it haunted me day and night” this can show that the speaker is mad because of the permanent thought of something haunting you day and night can make their mind