Education and 1.1 Explain the Teaching Role and Responsibilities in Essay

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Carol Slade - 6/5/15 words

1 Understand the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training.

1.1 Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training:

The main role as a teacher will be to provide engaging learning sessions for students to enable them to achieve their learning cycle objectives/outcomes such as qualifications. Equally important is to ensure students are safe, actively involved, and learning needs/styles and respect/reasonable adjustments are taken into account for all. This could be achieved by incorporating the components of assessment (initial and ongoing, using a variety of assessment types and methods to assess progress and provide constructive and supportive feedback); preparation and planning - to ensure learning needs and styles are met; Icebreaking sessions and delivery - taking into account the demographic of the students and VARK; and evaluation and reflection - both by students and teacher. The use of appropriate equipment /resources and incorporating new technology wherever possible. Following the SMART teaching philosophy as a good basis for ensuring all areas are met.

It is important to standardise practise with others to ensure continuity of delivery methods and materials. It is also important to support, guide, listen, inspire and motivate learners to reach their aims.

Responsibilities will include a variety of administrative requirements such as maintaining records and register of attendance; complying with relevant regulatory requirements, legislation, policies and procedures, and codes of practice (such as FENTO and The Institute for Learning guidelines - accessed 05/05/15); Acting professionally and with integrity - ensuring boundaries are maintained and securing trust and respect; Motivating and helping students develop their English, maths and ICT skills as supported by the IFL - “IfL also supports the emphasis on helping learners with maths and English, and on promoting the benefits of technology. We encourage teachers and trainers to use these new standards as part of their reflective practice and professional dialogue with