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Education is one of the most important fields that someone can enter into. Education is a subject that every American discusses and has an opinion on. This career has been a thought through process for myself and has given me a chance to consider what kind of skills and goals that I need to develop for teaching. Teachers need to have personal and professional goals to balance the changes that come with life. The goals I have set for myself have changed my future for the better and have given me a chance to develop into a better person. Other things that I have considered is how I will teach and what support groups can help develop the skills needed to teach.
When considering a goal for a teaching position in life you need to be precise and detailed. This helps you set a path on how to accomplish the goal and be successful. My three questions I consider for my goal are what, why, and how. The goals I have set for the next five years will be tough, but worth the demanding schedule. The what for the next five years is to graduate college and earn my degree in Early Childhood Education. The reason behind getting my degree and becoming a teacher is to have a successful career that helps children develop into respectable adults. Succeeding in this goal will change my life and the students I will be teaching. There are only a few reasons on how to succeed at this goal. To name a few I will have to have good time management so that I will have time for my education and my personal life. Another one is I will have to be successful and be devoted to my education. Devotion will follow with organization and self-motivation. This goal is set within the next five years. My goals for the next ten will be more career based. Having a career brings many opportunities to my family and brings personal joy to my life. The reason I am looking to succeed in my career is to provide a second income in our family to and to provide my family with more than just the basic items. The personal enjoyment that my career will bring will come from seeing my students become successful learners. The way I will accomplish my career is by receiving a teaching position in a local private or public school. When thinking about the goals I have set for my life I also consider obstacles I will have to overcome to succeed at the goals. Some of those things could be passing all of my required courses and having time to complete task for my education. I will also have to have a resume ready when trying to receive a job. Most districts want information such as if you have volunteered or worked with students before. They might also want information on what courses you have specialized in when I was in college. Other things that could prevent me from accomplishing my goals are lack of motivation. The frustration that can occur when trying to reach a goal is over whelming at times. Even though there will be tough obstacles to take on, they will be worth the award winning success of becoming an educator.
One of the issues that I will be facing is learning how to teach properly when dealing with learning styles and diversity in the classroom. Today’s school system offers a uniformed learning style that some teachers do not conform to. And also conforming to student’s needs. Being open minded is a way to try new things with the students and learn new things. It is hard for a child to get caught up if they are behind. This is why learning these techniques are important. Planning to teach a class using different techniques is difficult but worth the time. Learning styles differ between students and by using these skills they can have a chance to become better students. The idea of separating into groups in the class for curriculum is over whelming. Visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic groups can separate to learn according to their styles. This idea could control behavior that occurs when a student is not confident in their work. By having the group they can help and