Essay on Education Systems in Middle Eastern Countries

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Similarities on Different Education System Aristotle says, "All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth." He shows that the most important thing for developing countries is education. In addition, Middle Eastern countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, which have both have same religion, same lifestyle, and same tradition, have been focusing education in details. While they were educating children, they have been following same structure for instance punishment physically and teaching visually. In the middle of 90`s, Turkey and Saudi Arabia weren`t developed enough. Their economic situations were low and both had some problem about their education. Both have strict rules and heavy punishments. Actually in schools, children had no respect at all. If a student made something wrong or illegal, they were laid on the floor and were hit their foot with a big stick by their teachers. There was no excuse of doing bad things. Whatever you do, you would be punished without question. But today so many things have been changed. Turkey and Saudi Arabia have a good image in the world and they have quality. There is no more hitting to students’ foot and no more physical punishment.
By this change, they also improved their teaching skills. They started to use technology such as projector. They stared to use white board with colorful board markers instead of black board with chalk. They both give importance to visual learning. They show some videos