Educational Psychology: A Career in Nursing Essay

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Nursing Essay

Nursing is a career I am excited to be involved in. The fast paced environment of a hospital is the ideal environment for me. I enjoy always having work to do and it makes time pass by quickly. The aspect of challenging patient care is what encouraged me to return to college. I am excited to work with other likeminded health professionals. To be successful in college there are some basic skills that I need to possess. Time management is a key to success in college. Planning out my class assignments and even my study time will help to keep on course track. If I don’t keep organized, the road to failing is like a snowball going down a hill. Keeping my study material and assignments organized is a way to ensure I stay on track. Critical thinking is a main component of learning and applying the material from classes. Learning skills to applying class material to real life help to retain the information being learned. This is my second round of college and I know what I need to do to be successful. I am doing a lot better with organization. A month into the semester and my material is still organized in my binder and I know where everything is when I get to class or studying at home. I have improved in my time management skills. I am evaluating my workload and understanding the need to turn down some social activities. I need to work to develop critical thinking skills. The twenty months of education will go by fast I am hoping to absorb the material and learn apply to my knowledge. I will start to understand my critical thinking ability as we get to clinicals and evaluate our performance.