Want More Essay

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“Want More”
Case Report #3

Edward Brown III

First Year Business Seminar
Dr. Dennis Kimbro
Fall Semester
October 28, 2013

Division of Undergraduate Studies
Clark Atlanta University
Atlanta, GA

Every person that you meet in life will either help you in difficult times, leave you in difficult times, or put you in difficult times. Someone who helps and supports you through all your ventures in life is almost far-fetched for you to find in the unforeseeable world we live in today. Contrary to popular belief, someone who supports you may not always agree with you but will have your best interest at heart and having that person who will always be a hundred percent honest with you even if their opinion doesn’t coexist with yours will always trump a “yes man”. Therefore, without someone to tell you “do better!” or expect more from you, you can never truly progress.
Coming from a very supportive family it’s hard for me to depict one person as my “main cheerleader” but if I had to choose it would be my mother. My mother has showed me exactly what true work ethic means. She is a go-getter; this is a trait that I am glad to have inherited. My mother is the strongest person I know, through every obstacle, every roadblock, every hindrance, with the Grace of God, she overcomes them. Nothing has ever stopped her from accomplishing her goals. What woman, let alone human being, do you know that has worked three jobs, while taking care of their twelve year old son, while in school to receive their master’s degree, while 9 months pregnant? She shows me that with a little ambition, an