Effects Of Civil War On Mexican Immigration

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The migration of Mexicans during the early 1900’s was triggered by the civil war in Mexico and the political instability. Many Mexican citizens did not feel secure in their own county. At the same time, this was the beginning of the industrialization in the United States. The industrialization caused a demand for labor that the U.S. could not fill. The United States opened up its borders to immigrants to fill the demand for labor. The demand was caused by the building of the rail road which also caused other industry to expand. For example, the increased need for agriculture and other food production industries, the need for more minors to work in the mines and steel mills for the railroad, increased clothing production, housing and entertainment industries as well. …show more content…
The changing immigration laws in the U.S. was another factor in the increase of Mexican immigrants. These laws limited the number of Japanese immigrants by the Gentleman’s Act and the Chinese exclusion act f 1882 which limited the number of Chinese immigrants as well. The Mexican immigrants made up for the number of Japanese and Chinese migrants. This caused a push pull effect. Push by México’s civil war and political unrest and the shortage of labor as a pulling effect by the United States labor