Effects Of Diversity In American Society

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Diversity causes society to categorize people based on simplified characteristics. However, is that really the only effect of diversity on society? It is always forgotten that diversity has negative and positive effects on American society. The concept of diversity is subjective based on each individual in society. American society as a whole is affected in many ways by diversity. Diversity not only causes categorization, but it causes individuals to feel labeled and feel like they do not belong among other individuals in society. On the opposite side, diversity can also result in enriching American society with different values and causing acceptance and tolerance among all individuals.
Due to the large amount of diversity present in American society people feel the need to have to place labels and categories among different ethnicities. However, these categories and labels chosen are simplified and do not do justice to the people in society. “Worse, it does not come close to explaining the astounding diversity of humankind” (Begley, 7). Different ethnicities cannot be defined by just three categories on a bubble sheet. In the photo collage there is a photo of a bubble sheet response that almost everyone in American society is familiar with. Whenever an application is filled for anything the question “what is your ethnic background?” or “which of the following is your race?” is asked. The choices given are narrowed down sometimes into only three or four choices. This shows how simplified categories in American society are. By some people is society this question does not bother them and they do not think twice about it. However, others are affected by this question, because of this question many feel confused or lost answering it. Since the categories are so simplified individuals of multiple ethnicities cannot just “choose on of the following.” Instead they are required to fill in the “other” bubble. Filling in this “other” bubble causes individuals to feel left out of society and like they do not belong. A young inter-ethnic girl says, “I felt lost in a world of classification. The only way for me to take pride in who I am was to proclaim myself as an other, yet that leaves out so much” (Algranati, 14). In the collage there is a picture of a body with a question mark present above the head. This represents the question that individuals face when they do not know which bubble to fill to choose their ethnicity or race. As Begley said earlier these categorizations do not do justice to the fact that our society is so multi-cultural and has individuals of one or more races. Yet, because of the fact that there are so many different types of ethnicities in American society, the need to categorize individuals into groups is felt necessary is order to organize our society. However, because these categorizations are so simplified since detailing them would be too complicated it does not come close to describing all the different ethnicities in our society. This results in individuals feeling labeled into groups they do not belong and inaccurate labeling of individuals in American society.
"America is a nation of nations, made up of people from every land, of every race and practicing every faith. Our diversity is not a source of weakness; it is a source of strength, it is a source of our success" (Powell, web). Diversity is what America is known for. People come to America from all around the world to experience the American Dream that everyone spoke of. This diversity is what shapes our society today. Diversity enriches our society with different sets of values and beliefs. “Immigrants also enrich American communities by bringing aspects of their native cultures with them. Many black Americans now celebrate both