Biography Of Hosni Mubarak

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Hosni Mubarak was born on May 4, 1928 in Karf-El-Meselha, Eygpt, and was appointed Vice President to President Anwar el-Sadat in 1975. On October 6 1981, Sadat was assassinated, and Mubarak became president. He ruled Egypt until February 2011, when protests across Egypt forced him to resign. Many people want to know what was wrong with him, as the it seems like he hasn’t done anything wrong. Although he protected the Coptic Christians in Egypt, Mubarak terrorized his people with his army, failed to spread the wealth of Egypt, and ruined Egypt’s economy.
The top reason Mubarak was despised was because of how he treated his people. If anyone talked against him, they went to jail. People say he bore FULL responsibility for the killing of protesters during the uprising against, him by sending his troops to go attack the people, killing more than 300 people in the process. He just watched the troops kill them and didn’t say anything. The uprisings lasted 18 days and they were very bloody, showing how much the people don’t want him. He became something of a dictator and ruined the lives of many- making the poor poorer. The chief prosecutor said “He deserves to end in humiliation and indignity… he refused to willingly relinquish power in response to the will of his own people, so it was forcefully taken from him.” This shows that even the people that worked for him went against him and agree that it’s not the people’s fault.
Egypt’s economy seemed like it was getting better, but no Egyptians felt like they were getting a fair share of the money. They felt as if the wealthy businessmen who had connections to the government and Mubarak were just getting richer, and stealing the country’s money. The Mubarak family reportedly owns properties around the world, from London and Paris to New York and Beverly Hills. In addition to homes in the Red Sea resort of Sharm al-Sheikh and the upscale Cairo district of Heliopolis, they also have a six-story mansion in the Knightsbridge section of London, a house near the Bois de Bologne in Paris and two yachts. But how did he get so much and has (in cash) 40 billion dollars? He took from his people. He forced all the businesses in Egypt to give him 5-20% commission to his son’s business. There have also been rumors of corruption involving bribery, undue influence and favoritism. Some of Mubarak’s wealth is also believed to be through partnerships with foreign companies -- under Egyptian law, foreign businesses are required to give local partners a 51% stake in their Egyptian operations. So with all these "laws" Mubarak was bound to earn a lot of money. Since he's taking all the money, people are getting poorer, so businesses are closing down, people WITH money can't buy anything, and so the economy deteriorates. Which brings us to the next subject.
Even though the economy was getting a little better for a while, it started to dramatically decrease. There have been negative developments in recent months affecting tourism, and the oil in the country. The county is already over populated and resource poor and Mubarak hasn't done anything to help. It's obvious the economy isn't doing well- per capita gross domestic product is a low $6,200; one in five people live below the poverty level. The recent political issues in Egypt have scared tourists from coming to Egypt, and since tourists were a major source of income, that has hit the economy hard. Also the way the president used the small amount of money they made from gas was