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Kaitlyn Thomas

Film Review The Book of Eli

The film,
The Book of Eli, is a very complex movie that grabs your attention from the very beginning and keeps it until the ending credits. It is packed with action and adventure that will leave you satisfied. The ending of the film will make you dumbfounded.
The movie starts with Eli, a hobo­looking man, walking around in a deteriorated America that is extremely different from the prosperous America we live in now. One major difference shown in the film was the economy. Many people in the film were trading goods for necessities. Eli traded a cigarette lighter and wet napkins for a charger to charge his first generation iPod. In today’s society, we buy our necessities with money. Another difference between the two societies would be education.
Many people in the film were uneducated and had no way of ever being educated until later in the movie. Today, education is so common; it’s being taken for granted. Many of the younger adults in the film didn’t even know how to read. Sadly, this was not by choice. Another difference would be the environment. In the film, the environment was full of rubble, debris, and very much underdeveloped.
The roads and bridges were broken down along with buildings, and the surroundings were mostly rocks and dirt. In America now, the surroundings are full of various physical landscapes such as trees, grass, flowers, and etc. Also, we have many beautiful buildings and various bridges to help us with transportation. Although there were many differences shown in our society throughout the movie, we favored in some ways as well. Despite the fact that the movie’s society is mostly ruined, it still has some

modern day technology through the course of the film. When Carnegie, the antagonist of the movie, chases after Eli, he uses cars. They may not be as fashionable as the ones we have today, but they are still helpful and accessible. Another example of the modern technology is Eli’s iPod. Even though ours are a little more advanced, they still work mostly the same. Another comparison between the societies would be the means of trading. Now, we give something to buy something we want even more. In Eli’s society, they also gave various items for things that were more needed.
The Book of Eli, significant points were revealed. One major point made in the film was that knowledge equals power. The fact that Eli and Carnegie were the only two who could read made them powerful . Eli’s ability to read Braille gave him the upper hand against Carnegie. Carnegie’s knowledge allowed him to be the leader of his