Emily Grierson In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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This story is probably one of the most fascinating short story someone could ever read. William Faulkner tells us the life of Emily Grierson who apparently made such an impact on everyone in her town ,they all when to her funeral. ''A Rose for Emily'' (Originally published 1930) has So many elements flowing through it. The reader will find themselves entangled in a fascination over the incredible plot that they find themselves engorged over learning more about over the time their reading. A Rose for Emily gives the reader a sense of mystery that they can follow throughout the story of whether or not she's guilty of the crime that she's accused of , which in this case the murder of a character is named Homer who was Emily’s husband that she was suspected of murder then sleeping next to. A Rose for Emily walks throughout her life up to her death,with heavy implications that she in fact did kill homer. With evidence being pointed out left and right for example (132) in the story there is a part where Emily goes to a Druggist to purchase poison ,which should put up red flags to the reader .Her Behavior on the other hand was rather seldom , She didn't appear to be nervous or have any other suspicious behavior at all .In fact she …show more content…
Crime-Mystery is probably a more accurate description of the story ''A Rose for Emily '' because throughout the story there are so many questions of whether or not Emily Grierson caused the disappearance then death of her 'husband' Homer Barron ,with the stereotypical gossiping neighbors who have both suspicions and doubts of Ms. Grierson. Along with 'Guilty' tells like the strange odor,the suspicious purchase of poison for rats apparently,and the strange 'tax' rejection she had after Homer Barron disappeared