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Course title – VTCT level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy. (QAN; 50090392)

Unit title – UV20470/UV20471. Provide Manicure/Pedicure treatments.

Assignment title – Outcome 1; be able to prepare for manicure/pedicure treatments. F,H,I,J.
1F) Describe salon requirements for preparing yourself, the client and work area.
Before providing a treatment the salon must be hygienic, for example;
Wipe trolleys with disinfectant.
Wipe down work surfaces prior to use.
Use clean towels and disposable covering for each client.
Use use disposable products where appropriate.
Use clean spatular to remove products from containers to prevent cross infection.
Clean enamel bottle neck prior to putting lid on.
Maintain a clean and tidy work area.
The therapist/nail technician should wash their hands before and after each treatment.
Sterilise/disinfect all tools before and after use or dispose of them depending on type.

The therapist/nail technician must create a relaxed atmosphere as this will help a client to relax and feel more comfortable, it wil also help to maintain a professional standard.

Creacting a professional enviroment;
Décor – should be relaxing, with a calming, soothing colour scheme.
It should be tasteful and appeal to both male and felmale clients.
Pastel shades are more realxing.
Should be colour coordinated, with matching towels, and blankets.
Should not be to clinical, eg all white.

Natural lighting.
Overhead lighting helps with assessing skin and nail conditions and aid polishing skills.
A magnifying lamp may assist with maicure or pedicure treatments.
Should be soothing, relaxing, and calming. It should also be appealing to all age groups.
It must create the right atmosphere.

Should be well ventilated to avoid headaches and fatigue and prevent a build up of unpleasand odours/vapours from nail products.
Should be warm (correct temperature would be 60 celcius) as the body cools quickly when relaxed and not active.
Should be a adequate size.
Should be in good repair.
Must be peaceful and relaxing enviroment.
Conversation with client during treatment if possible.

Being a therapist you must make sure you are clean at all times, making sure you have a shower everyday so you don’t smell, making sure you have clean teeth and nice smelling breath, making sure your hands are always clean and your nails are short and clean to prevent cross infection.
Being a therapist you must also make sure the clients feet are sanitised and are clean, also check for any contra indications which may restrict or prevent a treatment. A therapist must always fill out a consultation sheet on a client before a treatment. You must make sure the client is comfortable and is warm enough, and that the water temperature is okay and the lighting is ambient.
A therapist must set up the work area before a client comes in so the therapist is ready to start the treatment as soon as the client arrives. On a pedicure set up you would need; Foot cleanser (steritane).
Nail varnish remover.
Cuticle massage cream.
Cuticle remover.
Massage cream/oil/hand lotion.
Nail file.
Orange wood stick (tipped).
Toenail clippers.
Cuticle knife.
Cuticle nippers.
Pedicure bowl (warm water).
Dry cotton wool.
Base coat.
Nail vanish of their choice.
Top coat.

1H) Describe different consultation techniques used to identify treatment objectives.
The initial assessment is a vital part of any beauty therapy. All treatments are based on what you discover during the client consultation. The correct way to accomplish a valid assessment during the consultation is to ask the relevant questions. This in turn will enable you to recognise your client’s needs. Care and attention to detail is the key to a successful salon and the consultation is no exception to this. A good therapist will use the clients’ body language, along with