Employees’ Motivation Essay

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Most successful businesses focus on employee motivation, because if the employees are motivated the productivity and profitability of a company or a corporate will increase and enhance. Moreover, motivating a company’s employees helps in achieving their business goals very easily. If there is no motivation in a company this means that there is no employee satisfaction, therefore, the productivity of this company will be low. In addition, motivating employees can be achieved in many different ways. The best way to motivate employees is to find out what they want and find a way to give it to them or enable them to have it or earn it. Motivation requires research and study of the company’s employees, because not every employees is motivated by the same thing. Therefore a successful company should focus on a list of the most important motivating things or programs. Based on my work experience, employees’ motivation was the most important thing to me. I worked in two different places in the past. In my first work place I did not produce much for that company and I did not know what is the reason behind it. When I transferred to a well-known company in our country, I was very productive and I got a letter of appreciation for my outstanding productivity. Then I realized that behind all my success and productivity is the employee’s motivation. In my second workplace, they appreciate employee’s work and motivate them in many different ways. Moreover, comparing my first work experience to my second one, I was motivated by giving me the responsibility and authority to make decisions in my department unlike the first workplace. For many people employee’s empowerment is a great factor of motivation.
As previously mentioned there are many ways for a company to achieve and succeed in employee’s motivation. Employees are different from each other in what make them motivated. Therefore, there are many things that a company could do to keep their employees motivated. First, financial intensives can play a grate role in employee’s motivation. For example, companies can give employee’s annual