Essay on Enabling Learning and Assessment

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Unit 3
Enabling Learning and Assessment
(Third Draft)

By Faisal Ayub



1. Introduction 3

2. Essay: How assessment and feedback fit into my own teaching practice 4

3. Report on two assessment activities 10

4. Report’s support documentation 12

5. Observation of one assessment activity 13

6. Reflective account 14

7. References 16 1. Introduction

The aim of this unit is to reflect upon, justify and evaluate my own assessment methods and decisions in my specialist area, which is Employability Skills.

Firstly, I will write an essay on which I will describe how assessment and feedback fit into my own teaching practice.

Secondly, I will write a report which
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'A key part of initial assessment is to involve your learners in assessing their own skills and knowledge' (Gravells and Simpson 2008)

Secondly, the Diagnostic Assessment, which is carried out at the beginning of a class to clarify a student's strengths and limitations. It is similar to the initial assessment in that it is used to inform ourselves about the strengths and weaknesses of the students, and also, through feedback, to inform the students of these and to negotiate an individual learning plan which is best suited to each student's needs. It can be computer or paper based, depending on the learners abilities.

Thirdly, the Formative Assessment, which is ongoing throughout the classes. It is used throughout the course, and although it has a different name, it is essentially diagnostic, as it is a way of assessing the students' progress and feeding this back to them so that they can improve. It must be stressed that this is assessment for learning because it is not a question of 'pass or fail' but 'fosters motivation by emphasising progress and achievement' (

For a formative assessment to be worthwhile, it must be encouraging, constructive about the students' weaknesses and instil motivation and self-belief. However, in order to be encouraging, it must be valid. That is to say, it must measure what it is supposed to measure.

'The primary goal is to choose a method which most effectively assesses the objective of the unit of study'