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REMEMBER PUT IN SOME TABLES FROM WEBSITE. * Business type Apps – This helps people to carry out tasks from the comfort of their own home such as online shopping, or bookings. The number of online shoppers has already reached 74 million – an increase of 60% over 2007 in China. * Online Entertainment – These help keep people occupied and more interested in the internet making people want to use the internet. E.g. Online games, music, videos etc. The proportion of online users in Europe increased from 59.3% in 2007 to 62.8% in 2008. This is due to the great amount of game types and game contents. Also, the number of users of online video has increased by 40million since 2007, reaching 202 million users. * Online Education – These help to educate students no matter where they may be, as well as to finish schoolwork at home and hand in assignments which are due after school hours. E.g. Google drive, Khan Academy, MathsWizz etc. The usage rate for online education was 16.5% in 2008, which is basically the same as 2007 in China. All types of online supplementary classes and courses have begun to become study material for primary and middle school students. There has been a 40% rate of increase of online education users since 2007. * Online Communities – This helps people socialise with complete strangers, putting them out of their own “comfort zones” through social media and blogs such as Facebook, twitter and Bebo etc. The usage rate has increased by 19.3% since 2007. There are 162 million blog users. At the same time the number of users increased, the level of activity of blogs in China increased – within a half-year the proportion of blogs that were updated was 11.7% higher than in 2007. * Online Communications – This allows people to communicate or share information from different parts of the world e.g. Skype, email etc. In 2008, the email usage rate was 56.8%, which is a slight increase from 2007 in China. The usage rate for instant messaging was 75.3% in 2008. In comparison to 2007, there were 53 million more users of instant messaging. * Online Information Search – This helps people find what they’re looking for in a easier, faster and more simpler way e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. In 2008, the total number of search engines increased by 51million, which is a 33.6% increase since 2007 in Asia. * Online Media - This helps people catch up with what’s happening through out the world through live broadcasts, news updates, and programme replays e.g. Olympics, TV3 online etc. By advertising this way, it makes it more expressive and effective. The usage rate of online media is almost 5% greater than it was in 2007. The number of users online media increased by 79million reaching 234 million at the end of 2010 worldwide. * Online Finance – This helps people to manage accounts 24/7 in a faster and easier way e.g. online banking and trading. The usage rate in Japan in 2008 was only 11.4% and the number of users dropped by 4 million.
All these different types of internet applications contributed to the increase in internet applications. This led to a global increase in the development of internet users. Each of these internet applications allows people to do things in an easier, simpler and faster way, helping to attract people’s attentions to the internet. This makes people want to use the internet due to all these different internet applications, leading to a global increase in internet users. As explained above, all these internet applications have increased whether it’s rapidly or steadily there is still an increase of users in each application. However, there is only 1 internet application – Online Finance, which has had a slight decrease of 4 million users in 2008 in Japan. Out of the 8 internet applications, only 1 has had a slight decrease in internet users since 2007, leaving 7 applications with either a steady or rapid increase. This shows us that the decrease in online finance has no major