Endometriosis Education Plan Essay

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Endometriosis educational plan
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Endometriosis educational plan Introduction It was a usual summer day working in a clinic. A twenty-four year old patient presents to the clinic with complaints of a urinary tract infection and painful periods along with heavy and irregular bleeding. After an appointment with her gynecologist of four years, she calmly asks, “Why does he keep saying everything is normal, when I know it is not. Nothing is ever being done about my condition.” The patient then sadly exits the clinic with unanswered questions. Two weeks later, the patient is admitted into the medical surgical unit of a local hospital with a diagnosis of pylonephritis. Upon discharge the patient is referred to a urologist. After the performance of a simple procedure called a cystoscopy, the urologists refers the patient to an infertility specialist stating that, “the bladder and ureters are normal however there is some scar tissue seen during the procedure.” A week later the patient is sitting in the office of the specialist. The patient appeared nervous and anxious. The patient states, “Who is this physician and how good are his credentials?” The nurse sitting at the desk answers back, “Everything will be ok and you will like this physician.” The patient then enters the room awaiting to meet the physician that will hopefully answer all the questions that no other physician was able to answer. The physician appeared outgoing, professional and welcoming which eased the patient. The patient is then set up for a transvaginal ultrasound. The physician then reviews the patient’s medical history and results of the ultrasound. “This is exactly what I thought it would be,” the physician states. “Have you ever heard of endometriosis?” The patient then states, “Yes, I have heard of endometriosis and the stories I have heard are not