The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin: "The Autobiography of B. Franklin"
10th of 17 children successful printer, inventor, statesman, and writer inventions lightening rod bifocal eyeglasses
Franklin stove
Daylight savings time recounts his first trip to Philly tells his boat tup from Burlington to Philadelphia tells about his first meal in Philly restful stay at a Quaker meeting House
Patrick Henry born: 1736 died: 1799
"Give me liberty or give me death." was a lawyer who developed his gift for public speaking, earning a seat with the Virginia House of Burgesses at 29 was a staunch support of the colonists' right to make their own laws, both in his speech and in practice during the 10 years that followed his speech regarding ^: "If this be treason, make the most of it." man of action played a prominent role in the REvolution that followed his speech in 1776 the citizens of Virginia elected him to be governor of Virginia (first governor) under its new constitution served 3 terms
"Speech to the Second Virginia Convention"
Henry challenges his fellow colonists to defend themselves against British injustices
Henry compares Americans to enslaved people
Henry asserts that was is not only justifiable, it is inevitable
The Declaration of Independence statement made y the Colonies declaring their independence form Britains people who created the document
Ben Franklin
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson did most of the writing also says why the colonies deserve their freedoms lays the groundwork for a democratic society
Thomas Jefferson said the Revolutionary War was a "struggle for the rights of all people"
Thomas Paine: "The Crisis: No.1" born: 1707 died: 1809 born in England age of 37, after failing every job he attempted in England, he set sail for the colonies to begin a new life
January of 1776, he published a pamphlet called "Common Sense" first cry for complete independence from England sold ½ a million copies followed with a series