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General Statement

An unnecessary part of life!

Thesis Sentence
(subject and attitude, use a complete sentence)
People who suffer from discrimination do not live full lives due to the hateful world around them

Point #1
Point #2
Point #3
Discrimination in “The Chrysalids”
Discrimination in “Japanese Internment”
Discrimination going on today

Specifics for support

Specifics for support

Specifics for support
Joseph Storm was cruel to people who were deviations.
Houses were raided by the police
Any hate towards to race, religion, or culture
You can see his hatred towards Blasphemies on page 71.
They took their radio and camera so they could not spy
We the judge the book by its cover.
He was harsh to Aunt Harriet, his own sister in law.
Had suspicion on Japanese-Canadians
Discrimination against women in Asian countries
He gave David several beatings to get him speak up the truth about Sophie.
The government took everything, sold it, and kept the money.
In many countries women are still unable to purchase their own property, vote or even wear what they want.
Mrs. Storm shouted and scolded at her own sister that her baby is a monster.
Women and children were moved to a barn to live for 2 weeks
Gay rights are banned in many countries throughout the world.
Waknuk people would ban people to the Fringes if they were “different”.
2 families lived in a 400 square foot shack.
In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive.
Inspector has to give the baby a certificate, if it is eligible to be part of this village.
No Japanese newspaper or news was given to them.
People would lose their loved ones if they didn’t pass the test.
No proper heat supply in the wintertime.

Concluding Statement

We need to stop judging people. Everyone is special in their own way.

First Draft:
An Unnecessary Part of Life! What is discrimination? If you look in a dictionary, this is what you might see: “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.” In reality, discrimination is much more than that. It is the opinion about someone, a group, or a population which can be hurtful. There many forms of discrimination. Bullying, racism and there are many more ways of discriminating people. But, have you ever wondered how people live who are discriminated? People who suffer from discrimination do not live full lives due to the hateful world around them. We will observe more about discrimination. I read a book called “The Chrysalids”, by John Wyndham. The book was about a group of people who were different and hid their secret so they will not be punished. They had telepathic powers. The book also describes how a village discriminates people who are “abnormal” or who are associated with e “abnormal”. In this book three people were part discrimination. The first charcter was Joseph Storm. Joseph storm was David’s father. He was a strong believer of god. He believes everything is made by God and god can’t make any mistakes. He also has a strong hatred towards to the Blapshmeies. In the book, David was lying to the inspector and his father that Sophie has a sxth toe. He told his son to go to his room and gave him beatings until he told the truth. "Send her away. Tell her to leave the house - and take that with her." (p.71) Joseph did not show any sympathy at all toward his own sister in law.
Joseph Storm doesn’t show any sympathy towards a Deviation. Mrs. Storm, David’s mother, was also very inconsiderate to her own sister. She yelled and scolded at her own sister. "Nothing much! You have the effrontery to bring your monster into my house, and tell me it's nothing much!" (p.70); this quote shows her anger towards her sister. As I mentioned about Sophie’s sixth toe, she was also be discriminated if her family members and David didn’t keep her secret. She would have been either killed by