English 102 Reflection

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This semester of English 102 has not been easy. It has been challenging and at times stressful. Even though I have been in honors and AP classes throughout my school career, I found myself learning new things as I completed ethnography, argumentative, and research essays for this course. I have always struggled with the finer points in grammar and phrasing, but as I combed through my rough drafts and received input from others, I began to learn and understand how to catch and fix those errors when writing the rough draft which allowed me to have a much more professional final.

The first paper we wrote definitely intimidated me from the start. I had done research and argumentative papers before in school, but I had never been required to interview
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I was more confident about this essay than the first because of the style of paper it was. Throughout high school I have written an argumentative paper every year, and have become familiar with the style of writing them include. Because of this, I was not anxious about the type of paper. It was to be about one of the legislatures bills that had been discussed recently and this topic of concealed carry immediately came to my mind. Being a proponent of the bill I did not foresee much difficulty in writing an argumentative stance on the subject, but because I wanted to force myself to become a better writer, I decided to argue against the …show more content…
This paper taught me how to string together topics in order to allow the paper to flow logically but still make a very technical topic easy to understand given the audience has some knowledge of the pregnancy process. I had learned a little about the needs of pregnant cows in an agriculture class at school, but had never studied it in depth until I wrote this paper.

Many of my changes were taking out passive words such as “along with” and “make sure” and inserting more precise words like “while simultaneously” and “ensure”. By nature the topic was intricate so to give the paper the knowledgeable feel and tone it demanded, the precise word choices helped it feel more like a college level research essay and not a kindergarten