English 1102 Oral Report

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English 1102 Oral Report

For this assignment, you will give a 5 minute oral report to the class. You need to create a PowerPoint presentation to accompany your report.

To prepare,

1) select a poem from our Norton Introduction to Literature textbook. Make sure it is not one that is on our Daily Assignment Sheet.

2) Research biographical information on the poet. Try to include facts about the poet that pertain to the poem. What was he or she doing at the time of the poem? What are the significant events in the poet’s life that may have had an impact on his or her writing (if any)? Does the poem include autobiographical references? Did the poet win awards or recognition for the poem?

3) Summarize the action in the poem.

4) And, lastly, select one line from the poem and discuss its significance. What does it contribute to the poem as a whole? Why did you choose this line? What was it about the line that struck you as important? Does it contain an image or language that is critical to the poem? Does it contain a shift in tone?

5) Your presentation grade will be based on the attractiveness and readability (from the back of the room) of your PowerPoint slides, the quality of information you provide about your chosen poet and poem, the quality of thought displayed in your report, and the interest and liveliness of your personal presentation of the material.

Do not post your entire presentation on the PowerPoint slides, and do not