English 180 Reflection

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Education in the minds of many is the foundation of character and a weapon of change. Education distinguished the few from the many. So, how did English 180 distinguish me from the many? How did this class further my education and will the skills I learned to stick with me through the rest of my life? As I reflect on what I learned in English 180 it can really be boiled down to three main ideas. English 180 has furthered my skills in rhetoric, writing process and critical thinking through using writing, revising and finally reflection.
English 180 my first online course started with rhetoric and genre. We watched how our writing styles change when the audience changed. I talked about the type of writing I used in public versus private and
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Critical thinking is a curial skill to have not only in writing but, in everyday applications. The ability to apply your knowledge to solve a problem cannot be understated. It is needed in writing, in work and everyday decision making. I used critical thinking in most papers I wrote in this class, I had to make choices that I thought that would benefit and further my writing. A good example of these choices is the letter to the editor assignment. I had to take information from 3 different sources and integrated them into one cohesive using my own judgment and word choice (Letter to the Editor). It was difficult to have so much information and to shorten it down to just a page there was so much I wanted to say and I had to be very concise with the way I used my words. The letter to the editor was probably one of the more challenging essays I had to do in this class. I took serval sources about the GMO’s and used critical thinking skills I learned to figure out how to use that information for the most effective paper (Letter to the …show more content…
That’s why all these skills need to come together to make my essays stronger. A great example of this is this reflection paper. It takes all the skills that I’ve learned over the course of the semester and challenged me to use all of them. I have to identify the audience and discover the purpose of my paper. I need to integrate research from several different sources of my own works and use critical thinking skills to know which examples are best suited for the assignment. This assignment included all the elements I learned this semester in one final