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Context is everything. Whether interpreting someone’s speech or writing, it is essential to have all the facts or background to make a sound assessment. Often writers will provide readers with that background in the introduction of their short stories, so the reader can properly analyze the key points, arguments, morals, etc. of the story. Different words are used depending on the mood; the tone of an entire essay can change with the context. The phrase, “he is dead” could be interpreted to mean something good if the dead person is a tyrant or could be sad if the person is someone close to the author. Specifically, the authors of the literary works “American History”, “Angela’s Ashes”, and “The Butterfly” all exhibit proper use of context, which allows the reader to understand their purposes. Judith Ortiz Cofer in “American History,” needs both historical and cultural context in order to provide proper setting, purpose, and tone in her story. After an initial reading of the story, the reader may just think the story is about a girl who was confused why she could not play with her friend, but there is so much more. Cofer’s stated, “I write about the things I have known” (875). She not only lived through the assassination of President Kennedy, but also lived in the very building she described as “El Building”. Additionally, further context is needed as to why the death of President Kennedy hit the family so harshly. President Kennedy treated the Puerto Ricans very well as, “was a saint to these people” (875). He fought intensely for racial