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Dear JPC Parents,
Our campus is a beautiful tapestry of different colors, creeds and customs. It is apparent that ‘Unity’ is at the forefront of all endeavors at the college and with this philosophy the students thrive.
Unfortunately the world is not so unified. It is in this climate of uncertainty and turmoil that great opportunities and great leaders are born. When life is wrought with despair it is our duty, as parents, to find hope, to find understanding, to find love in our hearts and compassion in our souls. To lead by example and offer our children the best versions’ of ourselves so they may be well-equipped to prosper through the ever changing geopolitical landscape.
To celebrate this opportunity, I ask you to join me and Peter Foster for morning tea at the launch of the JPC Unity Club on Thursday, the 16th of October, 9am @ the Noelene Munns outdoor patio.
The Unity Club is a John Paul College parent committee dedicated to the pursuit of genuine understanding of all members in our eclectic community by creating opportunities to interact, learn and appreciate people of all backgrounds and faiths, in the hopes of achieving an authentic campus-wide solidarity.
It will be an opportunity to meet with like-minded parents from our diverse John Paul College community as well as a sneak peak at what the Unity Club has in store for 2015.
This is an exciting endeavor that will positively impact all areas of the college over the coming months and years. We hope that…