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AP Literature Personal Statement
April 18, 2013

AP Literature Personal Statement

In the words of a Swedish Proverb, “In a good book, the best is between the lines.” In my opinion, this quote embodies the true value of literature. I believe that English literature holds an empowering energy; it has the capability not only to amuse, but to provoke its lectors to obtain a deeper comprehension of the world. The most recent novel to arouse my feeling of this sort is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The complicated web of topics and motives pursue me to question the nature of individual connections and to truly utilize my analytical skills. The speech element of the novel I am currently analyzing has allowed me to develop an interest in the technical aspect of writing, which has piqued my interest towards literature. The topic of literature touches me on a personal level; often there are no firm limitations of what can or cannot be correct. And thus, puts forth a strong longing to fully immerse myself into written works and pieces to dictate my own personal thoughts and opinions. In the past year, I have had the enjoyment of partaking in the second level of Spanish at IHS. To gradually increase my understanding of the Spanish language was solely dependent upon my linguistic and speaking skills. It is quite nerve-wrecking to wrench upon learning a second language in a year’s time; however, I embraced the challenge with the desire to succeed. Studying both the languages has been an equally wonderful and fulfilling experience. Spanish Two has benefitted and improved both my continuous study of the English language and literature work immensely. I can now literate Spanish pieces as well as write works of my own in a second tongue. I am a keen enthusiast for challenge. I adore the monumental self-discipline and difficulty, and see my hard work as an accomplishment. I am currently studying for my first AP class over the summer, AP Psychology, through BYU Independent Studies. Despite the fact that I will not have a teacher that is physically lecturing, I am likewise motivated and determined to do well in the course independently. With great responsibility and effort, there is no doubt in my mind that I will not be successful in the course. I bid the request to seize AP Literature as a junior