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English Advanced-> Belonging notes * Belonging is a complex, multi faced concept that highlights our inherit need to feel connections with our peers * Our sense of inclusion or exclusion colours the way people see themselves and their world

The arrival- by Shaun Tan * The visual represents a group of individuals who seem distressed or in a worry. * They seem uncomfortable in their external environment, though, internally in the group, they belong together as they share the same experience * The dull image of immigrants denotes a negative experience of belonging and a sense of conforming to their surroundings * Techniques are utilised in the visual to portray the concept of Belonging * The dull, gloomy colours used in the visual invokes a mundane, yet distressful environment on the deck * The facial expression of each individual is portrayed as sorrowful which devotes a sense of belonging.

-how has the composer of this text demonstrated the various dimensions of the concept ‘belonging’
- Belonging is a multi-faced concept which is demonstrated at different levels in the visual by Shaun Tan.
- The individuals who are visualised in the image appear distressed and dull.
- Their faces are not directed to each other, hence, implying that they may not associate or interact with each other.
- Although, they are portrayed clustered together as a group this denotes a sense of belonging.
- They share the same experience of travelling on a boat which further more extends the concept of ‘belonging’.
- Despite the travellers not communicating with each other, their presence together creates a feeling of uncomfort, in the surroundings around them which is assumed to portray a negative experience of ‘belonging’.

St. Patricks’ College- Overview * St. Patricks college is about Skrzynechi’s high school years, his mother expectations and his own complex feelings about the institution, religion, education, conformity and life beyond the school play ground * It is essentially a poem about the complicated feelings an individual may have towards an educational institution to which he belonged for so many years * The audience learn how Peter was sent to St. Patricks at Strathfield, as his mother was impressed by the uniform * There is a sense of confusion and uncertainty in the poem the poet seems somewhat overwhelmed by the experience and there is a sense that he is swept along by the schools demands. * He connects with his spirituality at school * Alien form of belonging to him * Statue of Our Lady is a sense of security * Spirituality gives sense of acceptance /familiarity

Stanza 1 * ‘Impressed by the uniforms’- she was impressed by the symbol of discipline and dedication that it represents * His mother perceived the uniforms to symbolise that her employers sons belong to an institution of opportunity, hope and good manners she wanted this for her son * ‘’what was best’’-> sacrifice-> to give him all the best possible opportunities which communicates his mother’s * love for her son- to give him something she never had
Stanza 2 * ‘’Our Lady watched with outstretched arms’’ this portrays religious imagery * In a new environment it is the only thing that gives him security and comfort * We start to see something common he has with the school which forms a connection * ‘’ her face overshadowed by clouds’’- so high up he feels overwhelmed -only thing in that whole environment that he can make a connection with * Size of place expectations and lack of familiarity at school * Mother herself as she left me at the office- ‘said a prayer for my future intentions ’ symbol of religion * She wants her son to gain the most that he can from his experience there and expects a lot from him * ‘I stuck pin needles’’ – humour- and different representation of their worlds and seriousness and