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In search of many things, the French, English, and Spanish, all colonized the New World in their own way. Although they were all seeking something, the searches were all for different things. In addition, the places colonized by each of these different regions were all in separate areas of the New World. While there, each region had to undergo their own difficulties and in turn, all had their own successes. Since the Spamish was the first to colonize the New World and built an extremely successful empire, the English and French attempted to colonize the coast of
North America and that is why there are similarities in the way they all did things. However there were some differences in the way each region did things.
First of all, the main difference between the colonization of the three regions has to do with some of the things they came to the New World for. Spain was very interested in acquiring large amounts of gold, silver, and other rare valuables (Notes: slide about the invasion of
America). On the other hand, the English were in search of new land that they could use to produce products that they needed and not have to deal with other countries in the process
(Notes). The region, France, came to the New World in the hope of exporting products such as fish, furs, and sugar (textbook p. 47). Even though the different regions came in search of different things, there were some similarities in other things they came looking for. In contrast to the main things they came searching for, both the English and French arrived with reasons that dealt with religion. For instance, England was in great turmoil over religion and many people got in trouble for their