English Unit 1 Q 3 Essay

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Chantelle Mulveney
ENG 3U-B Ms. Spadijer
September 24, 2014
Unit 1 Key Question 3
/40 Marks

From previous experience I have noticed that if different people read the exact same novel, they never interpret it in the exact same way. This remains true for the way that they interpret different aspects of the novel such as its characters. From reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, I believe that the main character, Christopher Boone, is an honest, brave and intelligent boy.

A large issue faced in society today is that people no longer know what to believe because a lot of the information we are introduced to is composed of lies or is misleading in some way. This is not an issue when speaking with Christopher. After Christopher’s abnormally honest responses to his police interrogation, he explains, “I do not tell lies. Mother used to say that this was because I was a good person. But it is not because I am a good person. It is because I can’t tell lies” (p. 19). From this quote it can clearly be seen that Christopher is honest as he is unable to tell lies. Additionally, I think of Christopher as a very brave boy. I believe that Christopher’s bravery is clearly illustrated after he discovers that his father has killed Wellington and he tells Ms. Alexander, “I am going to live with my mother because Father killed Wellington and he lied and I’m frightened of being in the house with him” (p.134). Despite Christopher mentioning his fear in this quote, I believe it displays his bravery. This is because he is going to travel to London all on his own which is a very brave task in itself especially considering that Christopher does not enjoy being in foreign places, has not seen his mother in two